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Monday, April 4, 2011

typography journal 8.

Type Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry is an article that talks about young design students who do all of these great time consuming projects but fail to know the history behind it. Most students don't know the background of the typeface they choose hence affecting how it is read through their project. Futura is specifically critiqued in this article. After reading this other typefaces that may work better than Futura are: Univers, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk, or perhaps Gotham Book. 

I also read Designing Under the Influence by Michael Bierut. This is similar to the prior, Bierut interviews a newly graduated designer who has a cd packaging project done in Futura Bold Italic done in a style directly a mimic of Barbara Kruger. This young person, first had no idea who Kruger was and had been directed by a professor who decided to ignore the peculiar resemblance. There is an ignorance of typeface and designers that needs to be addressed.

But as the article says "is it possible for someone to 'own' a graphic style? Legally, the answer is (mostly) no." A designer may not own a certain style but young designers need to be more knowledgable and design intentionally and intelligently. 

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