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Sunday, May 8, 2011

typography journal 12. 13. 14.

Paula Scher "type is image." things are in order but something is off --> on making jazz a good logo. public theater graphics. typography looks like it makes noise. goes with instincts...goes with first or second instinct. she has never been a refiner. "illustrate with type." computer makes her feel cut off..."you don't type design."

David Carson typographic texture. overlaying. niaive fresh work. untrained. total freedom when designing his magazines so he "ran with it." he reads articles and his goal was to draw interest to these articles. interpreting the words is the key..not "making it pretty"

James Victore doesn't like designing on a computer either. its about immediacy of doing it by hand. graphic design is based on its fullest and most wielded form "its not meant to sell socks." its to show a message and make a point. seems like his work is based on a lot of anger and rebellion. He expresses himself through his hand generated designs.

Journal 14: I think what inspired me most this year were the designers that came and spoke in several different classes this year. Doing all these projects get me excited about future careers but after hearing real life examples of what I want to do eventually, it seems so much more possible and attainable. Their advice is helpful and things they did to get to where they are now kind of gives me a reasonable road map for a successful future.

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