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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

typography journal 5.

Jonathan Harris - "Cold & Bold"

Harris speaks about how to make art and simultaneously write his own code and if this is possible. (Physical + Digital)

He spent months and months are elaborate oil and water paintings within his sketchbook until he was held at gunpoint and his sketchbook was stolen. He moved to digital work that couldn't be taken away from him.

He worked on websites such as "we feel fine" and "universe iraq" and his most recent finished project "matchmaker" which was exhibited in MoMA.

This project took over 28,000 lines of codes which he wrote himself. This is where his struggle begins with  trying to escape dehumanization while writing code.

He says that "we have to live to work...to work boldly we have to live boldly.." he goes on to say that he felt that by living boldly through these codes he became cold - his mind was inside the machine and he removed himself from physical social life.

People stare into technology rather than talking and communicating because the technology does it better and more efficiently.

-We are smart and ambitious but not wise.

-We are not seeing what technology is doing to us...its like the fast food crazy. we immerse ourselves into the latest fastest technology without thinking about the underlying consequences.

-We live our lives online

Harris goes on to give 8 points:

#1 EMPATHY - once we fill up our minds with technology code there is no more room for people. It is finding the mix between our work while maintaining life with people and the outside world.

#2 RATIONAL BEINGS - there can be a bug messing up code just as there can be things that make a relationship go awry.

#3 THE ACT OF EXPRESSION - how can you be an artist and write code - its not possible - by writing endless hours of code you forget how to express yourself.

#4 HOUSING CRISIS - people don't know how to make their online home so these "homes" are being mass produced while having tons of ads being shot all around.

#5 OUTCOMES OVER IDEAS -the goal is the goal not the idea...everyone has ideas but the outcome determines the greatness

#6 SOCIOPATHS - small groups of men who technologically dictate how we as people evolve and grow...do we need more involvement and voice?

#7 INDIVIDUALITY - is it possible to be entertained by technology --can it help with self reflection instead of just self promotion

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