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Monday, March 14, 2011

typography journal 6.

#1 "Contemplation" Augustin Garza
Augustin Garza chooses a small statue figure that has sat on his desk for years as his inspiration. It has a gesture of pointing to the earth and on the back it suggests giving offerings to the universe. This simple piece incorporates good design, function and meaning. The biggest problems design needs to touch on are water, energy and health problems. Garza says that designers have an insight that can be valuable for finding solutions for these problems. Design will make the world a better..more efficient place.

#2 "Bound Together" Ami Keolatia
Ami Keolatia chooses rubber bands as her item of inspiration. They hold everything together. They are thrown away, randomly found, and she is always re-buying them. Rubber bands are all about the material - rubber - they are multipurpose not designed for a specific purpose. The biggest problems that need design help are noise and light pollution; she also mentions that general health needs smart design.

#3 "The Heart" Deborah Adler
Deborah Adler picks the Pieta in Rome as her inspiration. She was struck with emotion and felt empathy for this figure of Mary holding the crucified body of Christ. She thinks design should be all about the person you are helping and their needs and what is the best possible solution. She says there needs to be a "love affair" with the project. Then when you continually think about people's problems it will become a habit which will lead to better design...but without this love affair you will never reach this second step.

#4 "Do More with Less" Emily Pilloton
Emily Pilloton chose the process of design as the most inspiring thing for her.  She says inspiration started early and she only realized this when she became a designer. The childhood fictional character Macgyver was and is her inspiration for good design. Macgyver was the original design thinker. He always had minimal materials but came up with a genius outcome that always solved the problem at hand. Pilloton says that design needs to affect the public education system. K-12 specifically needs help. She says that learning is all top down. Design can offer the best parts of design to reform education system and the experience and positively affect how children learn and maybe spark more success in the education system.

#5 "Something For All" Georgia Christensen
Georgia Christensen says its impossible to find just one source of inspiration because there are so many beautifully created things in the world. But she chooses a chimney which her father constructed. She thinks design needs to affect transportation. Everything from lighting, the overall experience, accessibility and style need to be changed to fit with the 21st Century lifestyle.

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