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Sunday, February 13, 2011

character personas.

Christian Jacobsen is a 22 year old male. He likes to listen to a large variety of music and is really dialed into his creative abilities. He is very outgoing and friendly but still likes the grit and gore of life in movies and books. He likes to hand out at hidden urban chic venues. Christian embraces his retro vintage style and creates it from secondhand clothing stores; he really celebrates his own individuality.

Ashley Barrack is a 27 year old female. She has a degree in psychology and enjoys the human psyche and studying how people work and change over time. She doesn't have one style but tries out several different looks; she feels like a rounded individual and connects with a lot of different people. She likes to try new things, in an effort to experience the unknown. Ashley has a fiance and is very introspective about the future and making big changes.

Kerry Cumberland is a 50 year old female. She has two children, one is a high school senor and the other a college sophomore. She has a full time job, along with an extra money side job as a consultant for a popular beauty supply company. She tries to relax and read whenever she has a moment of downtime for herself. Kerry is very involved with her high school son's basketball team and senior year in general.

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  1. close but add a bit more specific on style, likes... we need to able to picture the person's room/apartment/house...