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Sunday, February 13, 2011

typography journal 2.

Dieter Rams : 10 principles for good design

#1 good design is fresh and presents a new way to solve a problem
#2 good design is purposeful and intentional
#3 good design is visually pleasing 
#4 good design helps show function
#5 good design is not excessive or distracting from personal expression
#6 good design gives no false facade -  "it is what it is"
#7 good design is timeless
#8 good design is carefully thought out
#9 good design is green
#10 good design is includes its essential structures, no extra flourishes 

Don Norman : 3 ways good design makes you happy
good design but ugly
...trying to understand this concept of beauty

beauty + function 

when your happy your more susceptible to interruption and do more out of the box thinking
when your happy you can more easily solve problems
-designs control consumer happiness
-we can create happiness through visceral experience: typeface, color, etc. 
-behavioral design = feeling in control while using a design

emotion - communicates
-reflective design

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